Our Mission
To build high quality, aesthetic and modern living spaces with convenient areas designed to promote social life in the arms of nature. To create the best style with a strict adherence to national and international norms without compromising on quality after performance and assessment of all regional analyses with utmost care. Our prevailing objective is to accomplish our vision by building on our values, with a strong commitment to establishment of customer satisfaction and trust so that we remain to be the first choice and first address for next generations as well.
Our Vision
To be a leading brand in the local and international industry by building on our existing capabilities to deliver reliable projects, integrated with our corporate values, with a view to eliminating the residence and accommodation problems in minds, and by developing our design and construction capabilities in non-residential projects.
Our Values
The history of the Yesilyurts' business tradition goes back to 1930s, and this tradition has been passed on next generations who founded a rolling shop in Karabuk in 1980, starting operations in iron & steel manufacturing industry along with construction operations, followed by another rolling shop in Samsun in 1986 and an additional smelting plant in the following years, establishing their position in the industrial business.

Yesilyurt Insaat delivered its first residence project Dream City in Zonguldak in 2004; and then focused its land investments on Ankara and Istanbul, continuing its operations in these cities, to become a prominent company in construction industry and recently, the Company has taken another bold step and broken the ground for its new project Still Istanbul, an award winning project and one of the most preeminent projects in construction industry.
With the assurance of our long-standing business experience, "we never compromise on our integrity as we always stand by our word".
shareholder satisfaction
As one of our biggest objectives, to achieve collective success by ensuring satisfaction of our management, employees, suppliers, customers and environment.
customer satisfaction
To provide service with a focus on customer satisfaction with the aim of sustainable productivity.